I'm back into album mode!

New Album - Onward Journeys

New Album - Onward Journeys

Hi Everyone. With my new-found approach to songwriting and producing, I've been working since February on a new album that captures where I'm going with my music and sound. Hence the title Onward Journeys - each song has certainly been a journey!

Mostly I've done everything myself - playing, recording, mixing and producing, but with a few notable exceptions outlined on the cover below. Though most of my work has been focused on streaming of late, it's nice to get back to a physical cd in your hand.

Some of the songs already on streaming, but have mostly been remixed and remastered for the cd. The main ones of these have clocked up over 50,000 listens so far, so I hope you like the remixes, where I've tried to put a different angle on the sound. In addition, there are some new songs which I've been playing 'live' (over the Internet) recently and have picked the best to showcase where I'm at musically right now. I think it's a combination of Indie Folk with strong keyboards and acoustic guitar, but with bass, percussion and other instruments added for variation.


If you would like to get your hands on this limited edition album, just drop me a message through the 'Contact' page on the website with an address where I can send it. The price is £/$/Euros 10.00 plus postage and I'll also send you Paypal details.

Thanks and Stay Safe


IT'S June - And another new release 'in search of the northern lights'

Cover art by Ali Davis

Cover art by Ali Davis

I'm very happy and proud to release my new single, In Search of the Northern Lights, today, 1 June. As the title suggests, it's inspired by a famous person's story about their lifelong quest - more information to follow as the promotion unfolds. I was joined by Diana Stone who played some terrific violin on the track, and equally terrific artwork from my lifelong friend, Ali Davis.


Thanks to AVA Live Radio for their promotional piece on my new release 'Behind Closed Doors'. You can read all about it and get the low-down if you click on this piece of text or the cover picture below!