An interesting collaboration with jacqueline jax of AVA live radio

A month or so back, Jacqueline contacted me to discuss how she might offer her artwork to the musical artists she promotes. It just so happened to coincide with me finalising a new track Love in the City, so I asked if she could send me some cityscapes I'd seen in her amazing art catalogue. This she did, along with a couple of facial paintings she thought might also work. After a bit of experimentation, a mix of two paintings was chosen and here we are - my new release with Jacqueline's great cover art.

I'm really pleased with how every aspect of Love in the City has turned out. The music is just how I imagined it when I started recording, the cover is great and the video captures the emotions of the song. I must also thank Henry Smithson for his usual excellent mastering and Pixabay, which is a great resource of photographs, videos and graphics for independent artists like myself.

teaming up with friends for new single release...

Just released is my new single release 'Share and Share Alike', which is a moving song about 'togetherness'. I wrote this recently and felt that it needed a different approach to recording, so I contacted my old friend Frank Gibbon up in the North East of England and planned a recording session. He contacted other friends, Brian and Irene Hume, to see if they wanted to do the vocals. Happily they accepted, which meant that we now had two founder members of the band Prelude on board - they charted in both the US and UK with a version of After the Goldrush. Another of Frank's friends, Jimmy Smith, joined in on guitar and the session was complete. It's just gone up on Spotify and other sites, so enjoy! My grateful thanks to all those involved. Alcharted a Top Ten Finalist with so, great news in that it charted a Top Ten Finalist position with World Somgwriting Awards in the Best Collaboration category.

Just click the picture!

you knew it anyway.....

Out on streaming and download channels now is 'You Knew it Anyway'. It's an emotional ballad, written with a friend when I was just 16 years old! But I've revisited it and completely changed the approach with some orchestration. It's been really well received by fellow songwriters and I hope you like it as well. Thanks to long-term school friend Ali Davis for the cover painting (that's me at 16) - just click on the picture for a listen.