New Single 'Our Heroes '

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Artist: Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington 

Genre: Rock Ballad 

Located in: UK 

We all have our musical heroes, whatever our age and tastes in music. ‘Our Heroes’ celebrates this and reflects on the innocence of being in your early teens (or younger) and experiencing your first rock concerts with your friends. 

I wanted the song to appeal to everyone, whatever their age, wherever they live, but for me, it is about being early teens and experiencing my first rock concerts in the Northeast of England. 

I also wanted the feel of the song to be such that you could imagine it being played on stage with the audience singing along, almost like an anthem to those times. 

The second verse talks about hanging around the stage door – and for me that evoked memories of bumping into Marc Bolan (then of Tyrannosaurus Rex before they became T Rex) and a famous UK DJ, John Peel, and having a 20-minute chat with them outside the stage door before one concert. I was fifteen at the time and still have the concert tickets and an autographed program! 

The first time I played the song to my collaborators, it hit the spot for them. 

Franky, in particular, was keen as he played in a couple of good bands and had shared the stage with many of the ‘heroes’ of the time – Captain Beefheart, Rod Stewart, Paul Weller, Supertramp to name a few, and Al has also worked with Paul Rodgers.


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Single 'Lighthouse'

Single 'Lighthouse'

Inspired by the lighthouse at Bearritz in France, it struck me that everyone needs their own personal lighthouse in life. Hence the song emerged from that idea. I recorded it over a few days and used Roland keyboards, bass, acoustic 6-string, Telecaster and V-Drums. Thanks for listening - it's on all of the usual streaming platforms. Here's the spotify link below....


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