Well, October has raced by and for me musically, it has been very much a month of preparation. I've started work on writing some new songs for a 2019 release, been rehearsing some recent songs ready for a visit to a studio in North East England (where they will receive a very different musical treatment) and also been getting ready for a performance on 26th November at Chesham Folk Club for performing some original songs in a show 'Songs from the Front', which is a commemoration to the centenary of the end of World War 1. This is in conjunction with John Bickley from the Invisible Folk Club, a web radio station that supports independent artists - go to their Facebook page for all the information, and do take a listen. 

Also in October, I have been involved in a great new musical collaboration, mainly playing piano and keys and suggesting songs. I'm really excited about it and hope to be able to tell you more in due course, but it's currently in the promotional planning stage. It's taken up quite a bit of studio time to get the right feel and passion, and look forward to telling you much more about it in the future. 

I've been focusing quite a bit on my Instagram site of late at  This is where I often first perform my new song ideas as they are developing and it's great for getting some interactive feedback. Drop by and take a look, you'll be very welcome there.


Things have started apace this September month! Having just spent a week travelling through France, I've hit on some inspiration for a few more songs, inspired by places like Biarritz and Carcassonne. So they are now being worked up on piano and guitar!

AVA Live Radio will soon be featuring 'To the Vendee' from my new ep 'The Bridge' during September, and I've also had 'Chosen Years' from the same album also played on an FM radio station in Gloucestershire, UK as well. In addition, Invisible Folk Club have published two further podcasts of myself and Anne Cunningham playing some of the 'Ridgeway' Album songs live and you can find these through the Invisible Folk Club website.

I'm getting more into collaborations, and as well working on new songs with Anne, I'm also collaborating with some US and UK artists on a range of songs, some self-penned, some original material from other artists and some classic tracks. It's a bit of an adventure trying these new things, but I've found that colleagues' new ideas and approaches can really change the complexion of my songs. All I'm doing really is trying to follow what is in the best interests of each song to make them as memorable as possible!

August 2018 

Hi, June and July were really busy months as I spent most of them in a recording studio getting my next ep down on digital. There are six songs, mostly written very recently and I played all instruments one-at-a-time, 70 individual tracks in all. The album is called 'the bridge' because the songs all relate in some way to bridges, either physical or (mostly) metaphorical, spanning different times of my, or others', lives. It will be out shortly and I'm really looking forward to sharing it with you.

In addition, I'm putting out a 'single' (2 tracks actually) which are instrumentals I wrote and recorded particularly for friends in France - a marriage tune and one about a small town in Deux Sevres, Western France. It's by way of a 'thank-you' for all the hospitality and friendship I've received there over the years.

August continues to be busy as I gear up for launching the album. Also, I've started rehearsing for a show in November called 'Songs from the Front'. These are original songs from a musical play I co-wrote a while back called 'Of Heroic Hearts', and we are combining some of those original songs with another colleague's songs from an album he is calling 1918. All of these songs commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One.

I've been focusing quite a bit on Instagram recently - take a look at my page on