Alan Garmonsway

I live in Newbury in the South of the UK and also have a house in West France.  

A lot of my life is about creating something, whether recording music, writing new songs or renovating the house. 

When I was fourteen, I was trying to sight read classical piano pieces. My teacher was my Grandfather, an excellent pianist, organist and choirmaster – a lot to live up to, especially as I had a very musical family all around me! One day I was struggling through a lesson and he said ‘Alan, you don’t practice enough’. Long pause, then, ‘However, how about doing some music theory for a couple of years?’.  

That changed my life as I soon understood chord structures and progressions, so if I listened to Led Zep, Santana and other albums, I could easily figure out the music. Soon I had a queue of school friends asking me to write the chords of their favorite album songs and it opened up the opportunity to join both rock and acoustic bands and get into music that way. My musical journey so far has also taken me to solo performing, writing, collaborating and setting up BestRoomSongs to promote my music. 

Piano is a great instrument to lead you into playing other instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums, all of which I use when recording. I love to write songs about places, people, situations, and anything else interesting and worthwhile.