Goodbye 2020.....

We've all had to adapt to new ways of doing things in 2020, and making music, like everything else, has changed significantly. Still, it has been busy for me with six single releases and an instrumental ep! The collaborations that produced three of the single releases were recorded in the periods where we could intermingle and move around the country, and thank you to all of those who contributed - performing, recording, production and promotion.

The other three releases and instrumental ep were the product of doing everything myself at home during periods of lockdown, and has taken me more in an Indie Folk direction with more acoustic guitar featuring in the singles. For 2021 I'll be happily continuing down this road, and a new single release will be out soon. It takes account of lockdown but in a bit of a different way, so more news as it develops.

In the meantime, very best wishes for 2021 and thank you for all the listens and messages - as you'll see from the picture, things are progressing nicely and I hope I can improve on these successes this year. Stay safe!


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