June - Introducing Garmonsway, Gibbon & Harrington

This month is dedicated to launching a new ep, Northeast, which has been made with three good and longstanding friends, all of whom live in the Northeast of England (which is where I was originally from as well). Franky Gibbon and Al Harrington are my musical collaborators. We are also joined by Ali Davis, who has contributed some stunning watercolour paintings, one for each of the five tracks and an album cover painting as well. I'm busy setting up publicity and recently had an interview on AVA Live Radio

The tracks are also being played each day for the next month or so on Lonely Oak Radio

We're really pleased with the album, I wrote all of the songs, but Franky's arrangements and musicianship plus Al's distinctive vocals and Ali's distictive art make it a pleaure to have brought it all together. Needless to say, we are planning a follow-up and some new songs have also been written, together with some interesting older ones that would work well with this approach!

We've done a limited run of cds as well, so if you want to purchase a copy, please send me a message via the site. They're £6 (UK postage included or postage additional if outsde the UK).

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